Wanted Car Windshield Glow Panel Electric Marker Lamp LED Decoration Light Sticker Flashing Lights LED Panel LED Sign

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This LED Panel is designed to make your late-model car stand out from the crowd. It adds a unique and stylish design element to your car, with its flashing lights and LED Sign. Without any assembly required, the LED Panel is easy to install and adds a custom look to your car.


Ultra-thin as paper, uniform brightness, hardly occupying the interior space of the car, only 0.35mm thick
Extremely low power consumption, only 1mW per square centimeter of light source
The light is uniform and soft, without dazzling, flickering, radiation and gorgeous colors
Strong weather resistance: the luminous effect will not be affected by the vibration of the vehicle during driving
It does not generate heat during operation, has good fog permeability, and does not produce harmful rays.

Product information:

Style:Fashion Simple
Colour:New Lucky Cat, Boost,new take care,Wanted,ins,Heart,safety driver,Take Care

Usage: Stick the illuminated car sticker to the car window, arrange the wiring, connect the driver, and turn on the driver switch to emit light

Size Information:

Packing list:

Light-up car sticker*1
Connection cable*1

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