LED Induction Riding Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable Waterproof Camping Headlight With All Perspectives Hunting Light

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Equip yourself for any outdoor adventure with the LED Induction Riding Headlamp Flashlight. Crafted with an aluminum alloy shell and waterproof construction, this USB rechargeable headlight offers all angles of light for a wide field of vision. Perfect for camping or hunting, you'll stay safe and visible on low-light excursions.


1. Full view ultra-light induction headlamp: far and near dual light comfortable Wearingtypebe-c fast charging.
2. Wide range no dead angle lighting: Close range annular cob wide range soft light, no dead corner.
3. Suitable for all kinds of people: The material is up to standard, comfortable to wear, adjustable in length, and suitable for all kinds of working and living environments.


Product Information:

Material: silicone
Battery capacity: 1200
Power supply form: charging
Power: 30w
Light source form: LED
Applicable environment: camping, self-defense, teaching, searching, daily carrying, night riding, drilling, night fishing
Color: single white light sensing lamp, single white light+red light sensing lamp, double white light sensing lamp, double white light+yellow light sensing lamp, three white light sensing lamps, three white light+yellow light+red light sensing lamps

Packing list:

Headlamp * 1

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