Folding USB Rechargeable COB Work Light Portable LED Flashlight Adjustable Waterproof Camping Lantern Magnet Design With Power Display

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The Folding USB Rechargeable COB Work Light is a powerful and portable LED flashlight perfect for camping. Its design is adjustable, waterproof and features a convenient magnet and power display. Thanks to its USB rechargeable feature, you can use this flashlight for up to 3 hours. It's sure to make your outdoor adventures stress free.


1: The product has a power indicator, you can always know the remaining battery.
2: There are powerful magnets on the bottom, you can stick to any iron surface.
3: The bottom frame can be turned into a hook and can be hung in many places.
4. Equipped with alternating red and blue lights, which can be used as warning lights

Product information:
Material: Rubber
Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
Power source: charging
Power: 2W
Light source form: bulb+led
Print LOGO: Yes
Applicable environment: camping, search, daily carrying, night riding, caving, night fishing, patrol
Power generation method: built-in lithium battery
Maximum range: 200-500 meters
Color: W598A (built-in battery with USB cable), W598B (built-in battery with USB cable)

Packing list
Maintenance lamp *1