925 Sterling Silver Inlaid Moissanite Huggie Earrings

$32.99 $59.99

Upgrade your outfit with these timeless 925 Sterling Silver Inlaid Moissanite Huggie Earrings. Crafted expertly with 100% sterling silver and inlaid with sparkling moissanite stones, they exude a classic yet contemporary charm. The modern round appearance adds to their allure, while the polished finish enhances their beauty. Take care to avoid sun exposure and contact with volatile substances to maintain their color and luster. Imported for quality assurance, each pair comes in a stylish matching box. Kindly note that no certificate of authenticity is included due to the smaller carat size (less than 0.3 carats). With a diameter of 0.3 inches (0.8 cm) and each earring weighing only 0.05 ounces (1.3 g), these earrings provide a stunning accent at just 0.14 total carat weight per pair." Elevate your style now!